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How to renew your medical marijuana card in Minnesota?

medical marijuana card in Minnesota

In accordance with the state’s Medical Marijuana Act, the government does not provide a medical marijuana card in Minnesota to its patients. Patients using medical marijuana must re-register in the Minnesota program each year. Patients who are enrolled receive reminders from the Minnesota Department of Health’s Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) 30 to 60 days prior to the end of their current enrollment. 

For a patient to continue using medicinal marijuana, their healthcare provider must reevaluate and recertify their medical conditions. Telemedicine or in-person evaluations are both possible. The patient must receive a summary of their appointment and a list of suggested cannabis medications from the certifying healthcare provider.

After the Adult-Use Cannabis Bill was signed into law in May 2023, a notice of significant modifications to the medical marijuana program was released by the Office of Medical Cannabis. Anticipated modifications encompass the do away with enrollment and re-enrollment costs, extending the certification’s validity period from a year to three years, and acknowledging medical marijuana cards from other states.

Is a Renewal of an Online Medical Marijuana Card permitted in Minnesota?

There are no medical marijuana cards issued in Minnesota. Patients in Minnesota, however, are required to re-register in the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Registry once a year. Once their healthcare providers have certified them, they must complete their re-enrollment application online using the enrollment links that are sent to their email addresses. 

They must update all pertinent documents on the portal and pay the necessary fees using debit or credit cards during re-enrollment. After receiving certification from their healthcare providers, patients have ninety days to finish the re-enrollment process. All re-enrollment applications are processed by the Office of Medical Cannabis in a timeframe of 30 days.

How Frequently must you Renew your Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota?

Patients who are currently registered for medical cannabis in Minnesota are required to re-enroll in the state’s medical marijuana program once a year. However, the renewal period will shift from once a year to once every three years starting in March 2025.

Is a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Doctor Required in Minnesota?

For patients using medical marijuana in Minnesota to continue to be listed in the medical marijuana registry, an MMJ Doctor must recertify their certifications every year. Healthcare professionals must assess and recertify them for medical marijuana therapy. Physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses, and licensed physicians in Minnesota are among the healthcare professionals authorized to prescribe medical cannabis in the state. The state of Minnesota does not keep a list of medical marijuana providers.

The Cost of Renewing a Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota

Re-enrollment in Minnesota for medical marijuana requires a $200 fee. Patients using medical marijuana who are enrolled in welfare programs or indigent programs may receive a $50 reduction in fees. Social Security disability, Supplemental Security Income, Minnesota Care, Railroad disability, Veteran’s disability, VA dependency and indemnity compensation, and medical assistance are among the programs that apply. 

However, as of July 1, 2023, the Office of Medical Cannabis will no longer charge an annual or electronic enrollment fee. Patients may be required to pay $50 to $200 in evaluation and certification fees to their healthcare providers.

Where can I Renew my Medical Marijuana Card near me in Minnesota?

There are no medical marijuana cards issued in Minnesota. Applications for medical marijuana re-enrollment and communications with the Office of Medical Cannabis are completed entirely online. Additionally, you can use a medical marijuana card renewal service provider like Minnesota MMJ Card Doctor to renew your card. You can renew your medical marijuana card with us without having to wait in long lines at clinics, all from the comfort of your home. 

Is it Possible to Utilize a Medical Marijuana Card from a Different State in Minnesota?

Patients from other states are not currently able to obtain Online MMJ cards in Minnesota. On the other hand, patients requiring medical marijuana who reside outside of Minnesota will be able to purchase it starting on March 1, 2025.